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How Can Parents Protect Children During the Divorce Process?

 Posted on April 11, 2024 in Child Custody

DuPage County, IL divorce lawyerMany people who are going through a divorce focus on how they will be affected, and they will want to take steps to protect their rights and ensure that they can move forward successfully after ending their marriage. However, parents will face additional concerns related to their children during the divorce process. It is important to protect children from the fallout of divorce and take steps to address both their physical needs and their emotional well-being. When addressing issues related to child custody, parents will want to determine how they can establish a positive co-parenting framework while also taking steps to shield their children from potential harm.

At Weiss-Kunz & Oliver, LLC, our attorneys understand the ways children may be affected by divorce, and we work with our clients to resolve child custody issues and other related concerns effectively. We help our clients focus on protecting the best interests of their children, and we work to reach agreements that will allow for ongoing cooperation between parents as they raise their children together.

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7 Steps You Can Take to Defuse Conflict During Your Divorce

 Posted on March 27, 2024 in Divorce

Elmhurst, IL divorce lawyerGetting a divorce is inherently challenging. When your marriage has broken down, you are likely to experience a variety of difficult emotions, such as anger, sadness, betrayal, and anxiety about the future. At the same time, you may be overwhelmed by the many legal, financial, and practical issues that you will need to address as you separate from your spouse, establish new living arrangements, determine how to share custody of your children, and divide your marital property. Conflict with your spouse about the causes of your divorce, issues involving your property and children, and other divorce-related concerns can make this process even more difficult.

To ensure that you will be able to address all legal issues related to your divorce, separate from your spouse successfully, and move forward with your life, you will likely want to consider how you can reduce conflict and focus on completing the divorce process. Unfortunately, this is often easier said than done. When you are struggling to get a handle on all of the issues you will need to address while coping with the changes you are experiencing in your life, it can be all too easy for arguments to arise and grow into major conflicts. By understanding the best approach to take during your divorce, you can attempt to reduce conflict and resolve legal and financial issues successfully.

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What Are the Unique Issues Involved in a Gray Divorce in Illinois?

 Posted on March 12, 2024 in Divorce

Blog ImageDivorce at any stage of life will involve a variety of challenges. However, for those who are going through a "gray divorce" – a term used to describe divorces involving spouses over the age of 50 – the issues can be particularly complex and multifaceted. If you are facing the prospect of a gray divorce, understanding the unique financial, emotional, and legal challenges you will need to address will be crucial, and it can ensure that you will be able to make informed decisions and set the stage for a secure future. At Weiss-Kunz & Oliver, LLC, our experienced divorce attorneys can help ensure that you will be prepared to address and resolve financial concerns, legal issues, and other matters that may arise during your case.

Understanding Gray Divorce

In the 21st century, there is an increasing trend of older couples, often with long-lasting marriages, deciding to part ways. Spouses who are over the age of 50 will often face unique challenges that differ significantly from those encountered by younger divorcing couples. They may need to address concerns related to financial security, retirement planning, and long-term health care considerations, among other factors that may affect them when ending a marriage that has lasted many years or multiple decades.

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How Can Income and Other Financial Issues Affect Child Support?

 Posted on February 16, 2024 in Child Support

Blog ImageWhen parents choose to get a divorce, or in situations where unmarried parents are separated, they will need to address multiple issues related to their children. They will need to make decisions about how they will share parental responsibilities, create parenting time schedules, and make sure arrangements will be put in place to protect their children’s best interests. When creating a parenting plan and resolving issues related to child custody, parents will also need to make sure they both understand their child support obligations

Child support generally consists of financial payments made by one parent to the other for the benefit of their children. In Illinois, child support payments are determined based on a calculation that takes into account several factors, including the income of both parents. Understanding how child support is calculated, what factors may affect each parent’s obligations, and how to address complex financial concerns related to income and expenses is crucial in these cases.

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What Documents Will I Need to Gather During My Divorce?

 Posted on February 06, 2024 in Divorce

Blog ImageGoing through a divorce is an emotionally challenging process, and it can be hard to put interpersonal disputes aside and focus on the practical aspects of ending your marriage. However, it is crucial to address these issues correctly, since this will ensure that you will be able to move forward successfully after your marriage has been terminated. During the divorce process, it is important to pay careful attention to the financial aspects of your marriage. To ensure that you will be able to address these issues correctly, you will need to gather a variety of documents and organize them properly. 

At Weiss-Kunz & Oliver, LLC, our attorneys work with our clients to address their legal and financial concerns as they work to dissolve their marriages. We can provide guidance on what types of information will need to be gathered, the methods that may be used to obtain financial documents and other relevant information, and the steps to follow when negotiating agreements. As you prepare for your divorce, we can help ensure that you will have a clear picture of your financial situation, ensuring that we can build a strong case on your behalf.

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Revisiting Our Most-Read Divorce and Family Law Blogs in 2023

 Posted on January 18, 2024 in Family Law

Blog ImageAt Weiss-Kunz & Oliver, LLC, we know how difficult it can be to deal with family law issues. Spouses who are going through the divorce process, parents who need to resolve disputes about child custody, or others who need to address legal concerns related to their families will often experience a great deal of stress and uncertainty. To help address this, we work to provide helpful information about the legal concerns that may affect families in these situations. 

With so many blogs published each year, we wanted to highlight the articles that have caught people’s attention. Below, we round up the blogs that were most popular among visitors to our website in 2023. Our attorneys can provide additional information about the issues discussed in these blogs or any other concerns related to family law. If you need assistance with a particular issue, we are ready to provide you with advice and legal representation.

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When Should a Couple Consider a Prenuptial Agreement?

 Posted on January 09, 2024 in Marital Agreements

Prenuptial agreementA prenuptial agreement, often referred to as a "prenup," is a contract that a couple may sign before getting married. It can determine how various financial matters will be addressed if the couple chooses to get a divorce or separation. While discussing and signing a prenup may not be the most romantic aspect of wedding planning, it can provide peace of mind, and it can protect both parties' interests.

There are numerous situations where a prenup may be beneficial, but it is important to make sure this type of agreement is drafted correctly, and both parties should fully understand the terms they are agreeing to. At Weiss-Kunz & Oliver, LLC, our experienced attorneys work with couples to address concerns about financial issues and create agreements that will benefit them. With proper planning, a prenup can strengthen a relationship, help a couple avoid divorce, and ensure that both parties will be protected financially. We work to make sure our clients have addressed these issues correctly, and we take steps to ensure that their agreements are valid and legally enforceable if divorce becomes an issue in the future.

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5 New Year’s Resolutions for Parents Who Share Child Custody

 Posted on December 19, 2023 in Child Custody

Blog ImageAs we come to the end of the year, many people take time to reflect on their lives and set goals for the future. For parents who share child custody, the new year may provide an opportunity to make resolutions that will improve their co-parenting relationships and ensure that they are providing for the well-being of their children. If you are currently going through a divorce, or if you have a child custody order in place, you may want to focus on how you can meet your children’s needs in the year to come.

At Weiss-Kunz & Oliver, LLC, our family law attorneys can help you address concerns related to your children. We can provide you with legal representation during a legal case involving child-related issues, ensuring that your parental rights will be protected. We can also help you address any concerns you may have about an existing child custody order, and we will advise you on the best steps you can take to protect your children’s best interests at all times. As you prepare for the new year, you may want to make resolutions such as:

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Do Divorce Rates Increase During the Holidays?

 Posted on December 05, 2023 in Divorce

Untitled---2023-12-05T093707.299.jpgFor many people, the holiday season provides opportunities for joy, togetherness, and celebration. However, it can also be an incredibly stressful time for some couples and families. Financial strain, higher levels of stress, and unrealistic expectations can put a significant strain on relationships during this season. While divorce rates typically do not increase during the months of November and December, perhaps due to people being busy with holiday celebrations, the month of January often sees a spike in divorce cases. When a couple experiences relationship problems due to holiday-related stress, they may decide to end their marriage after things have calmed down in the new year.

At Weiss-Kunz & Oliver, LLC, we understand the stress that the holidays can often bring and the issues that can lead to the breakdown of a marriage. We know how difficult it can be to choose to end a relationship that is no longer working, and we are here to provide support and guidance during this difficult time. Our attorneys can help you understand the legal issues that you will need to address as you work to dissolve your marriage, and we are prepared to advocate for your interests and make sure you will be prepared for success as you move forward into the next chapter of your life.

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How Is a Legal Separation Different From a Divorce?

 Posted on November 20, 2023 in Family Law

Untitled---2023-11-20T093850.354.jpgThere are many situations where marital relationships may break down. Even though a couple intended to remain together for the rest of their lives when they got married, they may experience changes over the course of their relationship, or they may find that they are no longer compatible. When a marriage begins experiencing problems, one or both spouses may begin considering whether getting a divorce is a good idea. However, if a couple is not yet ready to end their marriage, or if they wish to remain married even if they are no longer in a committed relationship, legal separation may be an alternative option.

In the realm of family law, legal separation is an alternative to divorce that offers couples the opportunity to live apart without terminating their marriage. While divorce permanently dissolves a marriage, legal separation allows spouses to separate their lives while still remaining legally married. There are a number of reasons why a couple may wish to use this option, and anyone who is considering making these types of changes to their life will want to consult with an attorney who can provide qualified legal guidance and advice on how to proceed.

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