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Ending your marriage is rarely an easy process, and even if you plan to separate amicably, you are likely to experience some disagreements with your spouse. However, divorce cases can become much more complex and difficult to resolve when one spouse is a narcissist. In these types of situations, a spouse is likely to generate large amounts of conflict and drag the process out significantly. If you are planning to get divorced from a narcissistic spouse, you will need to work with an experienced attorney who can ensure that your rights are protected and help you understand your best options for resolving disputes.

At Weiss-Kunz & Oliver, LLC, we understand the difficulties involved in a high-conflict divorce, and we can provide you with the representation you need in these cases. We will work with you to determine your best strategies for addressing your spouse's actions, protecting your children's best interests, and completing the divorce process successfully.

What Is Narcissism?

Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD) is a mental health condition in which a person feels superior to others and does not recognize other people's feelings. They often think of themselves as the victim, while at the same time gaslighting their partner. While narcissism can vary significantly from person to person, in the most extreme cases, a narcissist will be entitled and self-centered, requiring constant attention from others, and they will take advantage of people when it benefits them. They will often have unreasonable expectations about how they should be treated, and they can be very manipulative, controlling, and vindictive.

What Do I Need to Know When Divorcing a Narcissist?

If your spouse is a narcissist, bipolar, borderline, or any other kind of sociopath (the various personality disorders we see), they are likely to view your divorce as an "all or nothing" battle. They will probably have unrealistic expectations about how issues such as property division will be handled, and they may expect you to simply follow all of their demands regarding child custody and parenting time, regardless of what is best for your children. They may also make false accusations about you and attempt to extend the legal process as much as possible while refusing to negotiate or compromise. Sometimes, we call this projecting.

When your spouse is a narcissist who is making the divorce process difficult, your attorney can help you determine the best ways to respond to the motions they file and address the obstructions they place in your path. If necessary, a child custody evaluator or guardian ad litem may be appointed who can investigate your case, looking at how you and your spouse have handled the care of your children in the past and your ability to provide for them going forward. This will ensure that your children's best interests will be protected in the decisions made about the allocation of parental responsibilities and parenting time.

You should also be aware of the financial issues that you may need to address, since narcissistic spouses often take control of a family's finances as a method of maintaining control over their partner. You should be sure to gather as much financial information as possible to ensure you understand the full extent of your marital assets and debts. This can also help you identify and address any attempts by your spouse to conceal assets, misreport income, or dissipate marital property.

Contact a Cook County Divorce Lawyer

Divorcing a narcissist can be a difficult prospect, and you should be prepared for your spouse to tell lies, make accusations, and act manipulatively in order to get their way. During your divorce, be sure to document all interactions with your spouse, including saving emails, text messages, or voicemail. If necessary, these may be used as evidence in divorce litigation. The attorneys of Weiss-Kunz & Oliver, LLC can provide you with the legal help you need when addressing your spouse's actions, and we will work to help you achieve a positive outcome to your divorce. Contact us today by calling 312-605-4041. We provide divorce representation throughout DuPage County and Cook County, including Elmhurst, Lincolnwood, Oak Brook, Park Ridge, Burr Ridge, Chicago, Hinsdale, Skokie, and River Forest.

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