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Resolving your divorce through the uncontested route will no doubt cause less stress on the family unit, both emotionally and financially. It is no secret that the less you have to argue over with your spouse, the less money you will both end up spending and the quicker your divorce will be finalized. The same can be said for the emotional impact. An uncontested divorce can benefit both parties, but is only possible when there is substantial agreement on asset and debt division, spousal support, and child issues such as child custody, visitation, and child support.

The attorneys at Weiss-Kunz & Oliver, LLC offer a flat rate for uncontested divorce packages, and have the experience necessary to keep your divorce issue-free and on track. Because in some cases an uncontested divorce can rapidly escalate into a contested divorce, having an experienced lawyer on your case can help keep your uncontested divorce on track. Further, Weiss-Kunz & Oliver, LLC offer the knowledge, experience and feel of a large firm, thereby ensuring that your matter is properly reviewed, but while offering the personalized attention and more affordable cost of a small firm. We trust that utilizing Weiss-Kunz & Oliver, LLC will satisfy all of your needs in your uncontested divorce experience.

Do You Qualify for an Illinois Uncontested Divorce?

Anyone can qualify for an uncontested divorce settlement if you and your spouse understand and agree on all of the variables of the divorce process. For example, the net worth of your estate, how to divide it, how to allocate debts, and whether a spouse will pay spousal support and/or child support. The most important requirement for an uncontested divorce is an agreement on every element of your case, or the ability to reach an agreement with some counsel on issues you did not foresee before talking to your lawyer.

When you first speak to a Weiss-Kunz & Oliver, LLC attorney regarding your uncontested divorce, the following information will be helpful for us to review and for you to consider:

  • The date you became an Illinois resident;
  • Your occupation and your spouse’s;
  • The date you were married;
  • If female, whether you plan to return to your maiden name and whether you are currently pregnant;
  • The resident address of your spouse;
  • Your spouse’s full legal name, date of birth, the date he or she became an Illinois resident, whether your spouse is in the military, and where your spouse works;
  • The date of your separation (i.e., the date approximately that your marriage became broken – you are not required to live in separate homes), and your grounds for divorce;
  • A written waiver if your divorce grounds are considered no fault;
  • Information regarding your children, including where each child lives, addresses for the past five years, date(s) of birth, and whether there is a pending custody or other kind of legal matter related to your child or children;
  • Who will have primary (residential) custody or how the arrangement of shared child custody will work;
  • A visitation schedule (parenting schedule for each parent), if applicable;
  • The income of you and your spouse, and whether you are a W-2 employee, self employed, or a contractor;
  • A list of assets each of you owned prior to the marriage;
  • A list of assets each of you inherited and where now held;
  • How any real estate will be divided, whether sold, refinanced, or otherwise equitably distributed;
  • All debts acquired during the marriage, including who the money is owed to and how much is owed, and in whose name the debt is titled;
  • A list of all vehicles owned and who will keep those vehicles, including make, model, year, and VIN number, and the insurance company insuring each; and
  • Any other information relevant to your particular case, including a review of recent years’ tax returns filed during the marriage.

Benefits of an Uncontested Divorce

The primary benefits of an uncontested divorce are that it is much less expensive, it takes much less time, there are generally fewer hard feelings at the end of the process, and it is much easier on the children. Children who see their parents having civil discussions about the future, may be more likely to have their own anxiety about the future alleviated. Should the process of an uncontested divorce derail along the way, for example, if your ex-spouse wants to take a different direction, an uncontested divorce becomes a contested or litigated divorce. This process can take longer and cost considerably more.

Attorneys Maxine Weiss Kunz and Amanda Oliver can guide you through the uncontested divorce process, making it as simple and painless as possible. Attorney Weiss Kunz worked at one of the top Chicago family law firms for a number of years, and brings large firm background and experience to the table. Additionally, our lawyers are trained mediators, making it more likely for your process to resolve itself amicably and swiftly. Contact Weiss-Kunz & Oliver, LLC today for an initial consultation.

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