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Chicago Celebrity Divorce Attorney

Chicago celebrity divorce lawyer

Law Firm Helping Public Figures Maintain Privacy and Confidentiality During and Illinois Divorce

Divorce affects people from all walks of life, and fortunately, it offers anyone who is in an unhappy marriage the chance to start over. However, it also often involves matters that are highly personal, and nobody wants to have a public court battle in which their "dirty laundry" will be on display for everyone to see. This is especially true for people who are known to the public, since releasing details about their personal lives can not only be embarrassing, it can affect their careers and their ability to earn an income. For anyone who is a public figure, it is critical to be represented by a skilled attorney throughout the legal process of divorce.

At Weiss-Kunz & Oliver, LLC, our lawyers have assisted clients in a wide variety of complex divorce cases, and we understand the legal and financial issues that celebrities, business leaders, politicians, or other public figures will address when ending their marriages. When privacy is of utmost priority to you, we can help you negotiate a marital settlement agreement out of court while simultaneously working to ensure that you achieve a positive outcome to your case.

Maintaining Confidentiality

Keeping the decisions you make about the dissolution of your marriage private is of high priority to our firm as you go through the divorce process. In many cases, using mediation or collaborative law are options for maintaining privacy in your divorce. The issues discussed between you, your spouse, a mediator, and/or your respective attorneys will be completely confidential and inadmissible in court.

The attorney-client privilege will ensure that all communications made during negotiations with your spouse and their attorney will be kept private and confidential. If necessary, we can also petition to have your divorce settlement sealed from public access after it is entered with the court at the time your divorce is finalized.

Unique Financial Concerns for Celebrities

Every divorce has a significant financial component, but issues related to income, assets, and other monetary matters can be especially complex for people who are public figures. You may need to address:

  • Multiple sources of income - The income earned by a celebrity can fluctuate significantly, and it may come not only from the salary paid when working on projects, but also from royalties, residuals, or a percentage of the revenue generated by a film, TV show, or advertising campaign. Determining a person's actual annual income for purposes of calculating spousal maintenance or child support can often be a complex matter.
  • Intellectual property and other high-value assets - Any property acquired by a couple while married should be equitably divided between the spouses during divorce. For celebrities, marital property may not only include valuable physical assets such as real estate, vehicles, boats, jewelry, designer clothing, and artwork, but intangible assets as well. Intellectual property such as copyrights, trademarks, and likeness rights can be especially valuable, since it may continue to generate significant income in the future, and spouses should be sure to address these matters to avoid ongoing legal disputes.
  • Tax considerations - Celebrities may earn income in multiple states or even in different countries, and they will need to be sure to understand how the decisions made during divorce will affect the taxes they owe. Failure to address these concerns could lead to significant financial difficulty in the future, up to and including criminal charges for tax evasion. We understand and are sensitive to these complex issues.

Contact a Chicago Celebrity Divorce Lawyer

For many public figures, the divorce process can be made easier by signing a prenuptial or postnuptial agreement. If you are interested in creating this type of agreement, if you need to know how a prenup or postnup will affect your divorce, or even if you are planning to end your marriage without having a pre or postmarital agreement in place, our attorneys can provide the legal help you need. We will work with you to help you reach a positive conclusion to your divorce while protecting your privacy and your financial interests. We will explore all of these options before we file the divorce paperwork. You will be involved in each step and advised of your options at each turn. To learn more about how we can help, contact us at 312-605-4041. We assist with divorce cases throughout Cook County and DuPage County, including Chicago, Lincolnwood, Park Ridge, Skokie, Burr Ridge, Hinsdale, River Forest, Elmhurst, and Oak Brook.

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