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IL divorce lawyerWhen there is trouble in your marriage, you and your spouse have to work together to try to overcome the issues that you are experiencing. In some situations, both spouses may not be on the same page or willing to cooperate with one another. No matter the situation, making the decision to end the marriage involves tons of difficult and conflicting emotions. This conversation is likely going to be one of the most stressful and heartbreaking conversations you will ever have with your spouse. Here are a few things that you should keep in mind when you break the news of divorce to your spouse:

  1. Think before you make your decision. Before you tell your spouse that you want to get a divorce, you should make absolutely certain that this is what you want. Once you bring up the “D-word,” you cannot take it back. You should take your time to think your decision through before you say anything.
  2. Plan how you will break the news. Once you are certain that you want to get a divorce, you should begin thinking of how you should set up the conversation. Think about everything from what kind of mood they are in when you tell them to the location that you have the conversation. If you have children, you should ideally wait until there is a time that your children are not home.
  3. Be thoughtful of what you say. Next, you should give some thought to what you will say to your spouse and how you will say it. At this point, you have probably gone through a lot of stress and fighting with your spouse through the years. This conversation will not go any better if you use accusatory words such as “you should have,” or “you never.” Focus on how you and your spouse are unhappy and you think a divorce is the best idea.
  4. Be prepared for your spouse’s reactions. Your spouse’s reaction to the news of the divorce can be varied. Some people may be surprised by the news of their spouse wanting a divorce, but most people will usually know that something is not right in the relationship. Whatever the reaction to the news is, you should be prepared to stay focused and not get defensive.

Contact an Elmhurst, IL Divorce Lawyer

Making the decision to get a divorce does not come easy to most people. For many couples, months or even years of struggling, therapy and attempted reconciliation have preceded the divorce process. At Weiss-Kunz & Oliver, LLC, we can help you through every step of the divorce process, no matter which step you are currently at. To schedule a consultation with our skilled DuPage County divorce lawyers, call us at 312-605-4041.



Elmhurst divorce lawyer alcohol substance abuseAlcohol and drug abuse are issues that affect millions of people across the United States, and substance abuse is often a factor in the breakdown of a marriage. Studies have shown that there are nearly 25 million people in the U.S. who are in a marriage in which a spouse is an alcoholic or drug addict, and around 7% of divorces are the result of substance abuse issues.

If your spouse has issues with substance abuse, you will likely want to do everything you can to help them receive the treatment they need and salvage your relationship. However, sometimes divorce may be the only option, especially if your and your children’s safety and financial security are at risk. If you are planning to divorce a substance-abusing spouse, you should be aware of the following concerns:

Grounds for Divorce in Illinois


stepfamily dynamic, Elmhurst Divorce AttorneyThe divorce process is never easy on anyone, even under the best of circumstances. Yet sliding into a new family blueprint when stepparents and new siblings are involved can be especially challenging. Divorce alone is an emotionally taxing experience, so adding new family dynamics to the mix can easily cause anxiety levels to spike for everyone on the home front.

Setting Your Family Up for Success

When it comes to integrating a new spouse and new children into an existing household that has already undergone big changes, successfully making it through the divorce transition is a matter of a balancing act.


qualities in a mediator, Elmhurst, IL mediation attorneyApproaching the end of a marriage is a hurdle on its own, which is why searching for the right mediator to handle your divorce case is so important. The right professional has the power to turn a bumpy divorce transition into a smooth one, with the skill to negotiate your needs and wants in a way that reduces the tension and diffuses any existing or building conflict between you and your spouse.

As you begin the hunt for a professional mediator, keep the following three traits in mind:

1. Patience - Patience and tenacity go hand-in-hand. You need someone who is tenacious in his or her pursuit for effective conflict resolution, and patient enough to ride out the waves of disagreements that inevitably come when working toward that resolution. Negotiating numbers and family agreements can mean some serious footwork on a mediator’s part, so it important to choose a professional you feel comfortable with and who you believe will weather the storm when adjustments are needed.

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