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There are millions of Americans living with a mental illness. In fact, the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) say that nearly 44 million people experience a mental illness in any given year and about 10 million adults live with … Continue reading

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By Maxine Weiss Kunz There is a lot of information online. Now, there are even legal forms on the Internet. Some of these forms are free, and some of these forms are pay per click types. Regardless of cost, is it … Continue reading

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By Maxine Weiss Kunz Many people going through a divorce wonder how they will obtain health insurance if they have been covered by their spouse during the marriage. One option is to “COBRA” off the health insurance of your soon … Continue reading

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By Amanda Oliver One of the most common questions in any divorce or paternity action is “will he/she have to pay my fees?”  The answer is, “maybe.”  The court has wide discretion to order one party to contribute toward the … Continue reading

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Lincolnwood divorce lawyer Maxine Weiss Kunz of Weiss-Kunz & Oliver, LLC has been named a “Top 10 Under 40 Family Law Attorney” by the National Academy of Family Law Attorneys (NAFLA). The Lincolnwood law firm of Weiss-Kunz & Oliver, LLC is pleased … Continue reading

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Under Illinois law, grandparents, great-grandparents, and siblings of a minor child who is one year or older, have standing to bring an action in circuit court by a petition requesting visitation. The petition must be filed in the county in … Continue reading

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Divorces are usually classified as either contested or uncontested. It is important to understand the difference between the two. A contested divorce means that the parties are not able to come to an agreement on disposition of property, finances, and … Continue reading

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It is common in today’s world for couples to have children out of wedlock. There is no longer, or at least less so, a stigma about putting kids before marriage. However, the problem arises when (if) the relationship ends. The … Continue reading

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The biggest concern for most parents in a divorce, or when considering a divorce, is how it will affect their children.  The impact of divorce on children depends in large part on how their parents (the parties to the litigation) … Continue reading

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Lawyers frequently hear the question, “How do I find the best divorce lawyer in Chicago?” Or, “How do I find a top divorce lawyer?” from parties seeking to dissolve their marriage.  If you do not have a referral, you may … Continue reading

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