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Divorce can be complicated, especially when you are dealing with a high net worth and a spouse who has attempted to hide assets. Though it is difficult to keep financial secrets from your spouse these days, it does not stop … Continue reading

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Everyone who is a pet owner knows that their pet is part of the family, and to some people, their pets are even like children. For the longest time, pets were considered property in an Illinois divorce, and the spouse … Continue reading

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When considering marital assets that get divided during a divorce, most people think of houses, cars, bank accounts, and retirement accounts. However, there are actually many more assets that divorcing couples may have to figure out how to divide. Sometimes, … Continue reading

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Collaborative divorce has been around since the 1980s, and it has been practiced in Illinois since 2002. The Collaborative Process Act went into effect at the beginning of 2018, officially recognizing collaborative divorce as an option to couples who want … Continue reading

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When married couples decide to get divorced, one spouse may be at a disadvantage, and the adjustment to living on a single income can result in difficulty making ends meet. However, according to Illinois law, when one spouse earns a … Continue reading

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Alcohol and drug abuse are issues that affect millions of people across the United States, and substance abuse is often a factor in the breakdown of a marriage. Studies have shown that there are nearly 25 million people in the … Continue reading

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As income tax day nears, those in the divorce process, or those who have recently finalized a divorce, will likely have questions about what changes must be made to their tax returns this year. Filing Status Your marital status as … Continue reading

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As parents entering the divorce process face the new challenge of being a single parent, they are both presented with a slew of new tasks and arrangements that must be handled as quickly and efficiently as possible to ensure the … Continue reading

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Although all divorces are bound by the same laws under the Illinois Marriage and Dissolution of Marriage Act (IMDMA), those with a high net worth divorce often experience an added layer of complexity. This can be especially true in regards to … Continue reading

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For many couples, dividing assets after a divorce is one of the most troublesome aspects of a separation. Matters such as retirement accounts, property division, and hidden assets can all arise as spouses begin to address and uncover the financial … Continue reading

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