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In the past, there was often only one route to take if you and your spouse wanted to get a divorce – that route was litigation. Different forms of alternative dispute resolution have been increasingly used to reach an agreement … Continue reading

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It can be devastating to those who decide to get a divorce because of their spouse’s infidelity. Marital infidelity can cause feelings of sadness, hurt, anger, despair, and anguish, which can all cause the divorce process to be even more … Continue reading

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The “dream” divorce, if there is such a thing, is one in which both spouses are amicable with each other, still respect one another, and are willing to work together. While this may be a reality for a lucky few, … Continue reading

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One of the most frequent causes of marital stress – and often divorce – is financial issues. Multiple studies confirm that high debt and the lack of communication about the debt is one of the major stresses in many marriages … Continue reading

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The Oscar-nominated movie, Marriage Story, starring Scarlett Johansson and Adam Driver, offers insight and advice regarding marriage and divorce. The film focuses on real-life issues within a relationship and offers teachable lessons for those who are ending their marriages. The … Continue reading

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Due to the long-winded nature of many divorces, there are cases where a spouse passes away before the divorce is final. In Illinois, when a party in a divorce dies, the case is dismissed. The court requires two living parties … Continue reading

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Going through a divorce is physically, emotionally, and mentally challenging. Self-esteem may be low, emotions are often running high, and being almost, but not quite yet single, can be exciting. Although there is no Illinois law against dating during a … Continue reading

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Divorce is a long and demanding process, but can get even more complex for high net worth couples. Unlike traditional divorces, high net worth couples must resolve issues dealing with complex taxation, support obligations, tracing of assets including offshore and … Continue reading

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Although your divorce is between you and your spouse, your child will experience the before and after effects as well. Divorce brings massive changes in a child’s life through child custody and/or relocation at any age. Between witnessing an unstable … Continue reading

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