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Useful Tips to Help Deal with Parental Guilt During Your Divorce

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IL divorce lawyerAny parent would agree that they would never do something to purposefully upset their child. Yet, for many children, divorce can be an upsetting event that can affect them deeply. Many parents are conflicted over whether or not they should get a divorce because of the effect it can have on their children. However, multiple studies have shown that children can adjust relatively easily to divorce as long as they are not subjected to their parent’s arguments and are kept out of the conflict. Still, many parents feel guilty when they decide to get a divorce. Here are a few tips to help you combat any guilt you may feel during your divorce:

Talk to Your Children About It

Feeling guilty is a normal feeling that many divorcing parents have. It is OK to feel this guilt and it usually helps to be honest with your children about what you are feeling. This does not mean that you have to convey messages that you do not mean, but it may help you feel better if you tell your children that you truly are sorry for the sadness the divorce is causing them.

Remember You Are Not A Bad Parent

One of the most important things to remember is that you are not a bad parent. Making the decision to get a divorce is usually not only made for your wellbeing but the wellbeing of your children. Though they might not know it yet, making the decision to get a divorce is in their best interest in the long run.

Try to Release Your Stress

Divorce is simply just stressful in general, but feeling guilty about your divorce can produce even more stress. You should try to find healthy ways that you can relieve some of your stress. Activities such as yoga, meditation, reading, painting, and other creative activities can be good outlets for stress.

Speak with a DuPage County Divorce Attorney Today

Going through a divorce is an extremely challenging and trying time. On top of the usual divorce stressors, you may also be experiencing guilt for putting your children through a divorce. At Weiss-Kunz & Oliver, LLC, we strive to make your divorce as smooth as possible. To schedule a consultation with one of our skilled Elmhurst, IL divorce lawyers, call us today at 312-605-4041.





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