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Three Qualities Every Divorcing Couple Should Look for in a Mediator

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qualities in a mediator, Elmhurst, IL mediation attorneyApproaching the end of a marriage is a hurdle on its own, which is why searching for the right mediator to handle your divorce case is so important. The right professional has the power to turn a bumpy divorce transition into a smooth one, with the skill to negotiate your needs and wants in a way that reduces the tension and diffuses any existing or building conflict between you and your spouse.

As you begin the hunt for a professional mediator, keep the following three traits in mind:

1. Patience - Patience and tenacity go hand-in-hand. You need someone who is tenacious in his or her pursuit for effective conflict resolution, and patient enough to ride out the waves of disagreements that inevitably come when working toward that resolution. Negotiating numbers and family agreements can mean some serious footwork on a mediator’s part, so it important to choose a professional you feel comfortable with and who you believe will weather the storm when adjustments are needed.

2. Trustworthiness - This quality extends beyond simply having a good reputation in the business. Yes, you want your mediator to be professional and to have an impressive record when it comes to entrusting him or her with your family’s financial negotiations, but you will also be discussing a lot more than just money with this person. You and your spouse will be divulging a significant amount of personal, private details with your mediator in order to handle your case as efficiently as possible, which can prompt a high range of emotions to surface. The mediation process can be an emotional one for everyone involved, especially if children are added to the mix. You need to work with someone personable, who you feel you can be real with from start to finish.

3. Persuasiveness - At the end of the day, a mediator’s main goal is to help couples negotiate and achieve conflict resolution. This takes skill in the art of persuasion and the ability to present ideas in a convincing—not misleading or dishonest—light. This is especially important in terms of arranging settlements between you and your spouse. A good mediator should be able to sway someone’s opinion, moving the party from one position or stance to another, and do so in a positive, productive way. Ideally, each party can walk away from the process feeling as if his or her best interests have been acknowledged and addressed.

Searching for and selecting the right divorce mediator can require some serious thought and homework, but it will prove to be one of the biggest—and best—decisions you and your spouse make as you move forward with the divorce process. Speak with an experienced Elmhurst, IL mediation attorney today who can help ensure your case is handled strategically and efficiently. Call Weiss-Kunz & Oliver, LLC today at 312-605-4041 for a special consultation.




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