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Nesting: An Alternative Option for Divorcing Parents

 Posted on September 19, 2019 in Child Custody

child-custodyFor parents going through a divorce, one of the steps in the process is formulating parenting schedule. Formerly known as “visitation”, parenting time arrangements legally lay out your schedule for parenting and spending time with your child. Oftentimes the custodial parent will remain living in the marital home with the children while the non-custodial parent will move into a new apartment or house and care for the children from that location. This allows each parent to have their own space while still caring for their child. However, there is another option that many families have never heard of known as nesting.

What Is Nesting?

Nesting is an alternative arrangement that some divorcing families use to help their children with the transitional period of the divorce. For those with a nesting arrangement, the children will remain in the marital home regardless of who is caring for them. Rather than moving from one parent’s home to another, the parents come to them. This can help children, especially those of a young age, become accustomed to their parents splitting up. It can be difficult for young children to live between two homes and some parents decide to take additional steps to keep their life as “normal” as possible.

Pros and Cons of Nesting  

Like any parenting arrangement, nesting has its ups and downs; however, some families have seen it help their children in the long run. Many parents who decide to “nest” will share the second residence and live there while their former spouse cares for the children at the marital home. This can save the recently divorced couple a lot of money in the end. Rather than leaving the rent or mortgage on one parent’s shoulders, the two can divide the cost. Nesting can also provide children with a structured schedule that does not require interruptions throughout the week. Not only can this make the divorce easier to swallow, but it can also help the kids focus on their academics and social lives rather than their new living environment.

Nesting comes with its own set of challenges despite its benefits. Sharing an alternative address and moving between both homes can make it difficult for the divorced couple to move on. While there are obvious differences in the post-divorce relationship, this shared residence can prevent the parents from meeting new adults, going on dates, or having a social life outside of their co-parent. They may feel obligated to keep the space “neutral” which could stop them from severing all emotional ties to their former spouse. Moving from one house to another can also be exhausting, especially for parents with full-time jobs. They may have a hard time feeling “at home” while staying at their alternative address.

Call a Chicago Parenting Time Attorney for Help

    Nesting may not be for every couple, but it is important to know all of your options if you are a parent going through a divorce. At Weiss-Kunz & Oliver, LLC, we understand that your children are you priority and sometimes that requires formulating an alternative parenting arrangement. No matter the personal situation, our divorce attorneys will work hard to ensure that your arrangement includes the wellbeing of your child. If you are a parent considering divorce, contact our Elmhurst parenting time attorneys at 312-605-4041 for assistance.




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