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Maxine Weiss Kunz Appointed to The Lilac Tree Development Committee

 Posted on December 22, 2014 in Family Law

TheIn December of 2014 Maxine Weiss Kunz, founding member and partner of Weiss-Kunz & Oliver, LLC, was accepted onto the development committee of The Lilac Tree. This wonderful organization is a resource for divorcing women in the process of divorce, contemplating divorce, or post-divorce.

The Lilac Tree offers help in many ways, including divorce workshops and seminars.  These programs are available in the evenings and weekends, if necessary.  The group is especially known for reducing stress during the divorce process.  Reducing stress during a divorce, or for those contemplating divorce, or post divorce, is also a goal of Weiss-Kunz & Oliver, LLC.

The Lilac Tree also offers divorce Support Groups and referrals at no cost to other professionals, including without limitation accountants, financial planners, and collaborative professionals.  Maxine Weiss Kunz is also a collaborative attorney which is how she first came to hear about the wonderful efforts of The Lilac Tree.

The Lilac Tree is most well known for its "Divorce University," a one day conference held a few times a year to educate its attendees on finances, child custody issues, and the like, as well as alternative dispute resolutions to a divorce.  Some alternative dispute resolutions include mediation and/or collaborative law.  Those that have attended Divorce University report feeling less alone, having a better understanding of their options in a divorce, and the importance of taking an active role in the divorce process.

Maxine Weiss Kunz's current involvement with The Lilac Tree is dedicated to its upcoming involvement in the Evanston WCE's Benefit Show.  This hysterical parody runs for six nights in March 2015, and will leave you laughing as you watch your peers (i.e., not actors) sing, dance and otherwise perform.  A portion of the proceeds from the Benefits Show will go toward The Lilac Tree.  Sponsorship opportunities are available for the show.  If you desire more information about the The Lilac Tree and/or the upcoming Benefit's Show, do not hesitate to contact Maxine Weiss Kunz or any other contact at http://www.thelilactree.org/contact_us.htm.

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