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What Certifications Should My Divorce Lawyer Have?

 Posted on July 17, 2015 in Lincolnwood Divorce Lawyer

NITA, certification, Illinois family lawyerAttorneys have a law degree. We all know that. They have a JD and technically speaking they are doctors of the law. But there are additional certifications and licensure that attorneys can seek following law school and while they are in practice. One of those certifications is from the National Institute of Trial Advocacy, also known as NITA.

NITA provides valuable and dynamic teaching methods to attorneys licensed to practice in Illinois and other jurisdictions. NITA employs expert faculty to enrich lawyers in advanced skills and provide them with Continuing Legal Education credits as required for each attorney to maintain their licensure. Attendees at NITA practice advanced skills in all areas of law, from jury selection to expert witness examination to family law (divorce law).

One of the courses taught by the National Institute of Trial Attorneys each year involves a 8-day (yes, 8 days) certificate program in family law advocacy. Divorce cases are a component of family law. This course includes advanced techniques in examining and cross examining expert witnesses, including custody evaluators (604(b) and 604.5 evaluators) and financial experts (CPAs and the like). In addition to daily drills and lectures, each attorney puts on a mock trial at the end of the program to duplicate and show off the skills they learned from the preceding 7 days of drills. That trial involves expert testimony and cross examination.

NITA also concentrates on professional ethics and each lawyer attending the program is expected to have or learn a high moral compass.

Attorney Maxine Weiss Kunz of Weiss-Kunz & Oliver, LLC has had the honor of attending the NITA family law “boot camp” this year. In addition to advanced faculty from around the country, Maxine had the pleasure of working with multiple judges during this work shop. Courses taught by NITA are thought to enhance the skills and credibility of a lawyer.

If you are seeking an attorney with advanced accreditations, consider the attorneys at Weiss-Kunz & Oliver, LLC.
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