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Chicago divorce attorney for hidden assetsAlthough we rarely think of marriage in these terms, spouses who get married enter into a financial partnership with each other. Consequently, a marriage represents much more than the romantic or personal connection between spouses. It also represents a melding of the spouses’ finances. Per Illinois law, spouses are entitled to an equitable portion of the marital estate during divorce. Unfortunately, the process of allocating marital property between spouses in a divorce becomes much more complicated when a spouse lies about finances. 

If you are getting divorced, it is essential to understand your rights regarding the division of marital property, child support, spousal maintenance, and other divorce issues. If you suspect that your spouse is lying about finances or may attempt to hide assets during your divorce, contact a divorce attorney for help right away.

Understanding Illinois Law Regarding Marital Assets and Divorce

Illinois is an “equitable distribution” state with regard to the division of assets during a divorce. This means that by law, you have a right to an “equitable” or fair share of the property contained in the marital estate. Most of the property and liabilities accumulated by either spouse during the marriage fall into the category of “marital property.” Marital property often includes bank account balances, retirement funds, investments, real estate, vehicles, and household items like furniture. Complex assets like stock options, mutual funds, businesses, and professional practices may also fall into the category of marital property. If an asset is considered marital property, both spouses are entitled to a share of the asset’s value.


findingLawyers frequently hear the question, “How do I find the best divorce lawyer in Chicago?” Or, “How do I find a top divorce lawyer?” from parties seeking to dissolve their marriage.  If you do not have a referral, you may find yourself searching the internet to find the right attorney to represent you in your divorce.

A top divorce lawyer, or top Chicago attorney, is subjective.  It all depends on the eye of the beholder.  When seeking a divorce lawyer that fits your needs, you need to ask yourself specific questions, such as:

  • Do I think my case will go to trial?
  • Do we agree on everything, but we want a lawyer to write up the paperwork?
  • Do I have a custody fight or custody battle in my divorce?
  • Do we plan to share our time equally with the children?
  • Are there complex assets that need to be valued or sold?
  • Do we have a small marital estate?
  • Is my wife or husband hiding money or assets?
  • Do I know and understand our entire marital portfolio, including probable values, net worth, liabilities, and the like?
  • Do we own a business? How much is my business worth?
  • Has your spouse been controlling the income and bill payment during your marriage?
  • Do I trust my spouse to be honest about assets and debts?
  • Do I have a secret I desire to hide from my husband or wife during the divorce?
  • Do my children have health issues? Do we agree on how to handle our kids’ health?
  • Does my husband or wife suffer from mental illness or other health issues?
  • Or, does my husband or wife have a drinking problem or drug addiction?
  • Or, have I been to a rehabilitation program and now I want a divorce?
  • Is the best divorce lawyer for me going to be empathetic or more practical?
  • Will my top divorce attorney be a hand holder, or someone that contacts me on a need-to-know basis?

It is important to ask these questions when seeking a lawyer.  Clearly, if you believe your case is going to go to trial, you do not want to hire an attorney that only handles uncontested divorces, for example.

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